Traffic Jira  

Posted by Talisien

[#SVC-3631] Create TOS Offense and Punishment for Traffic Fraud - Second Life Issues

"In order to put an end to the practice of falsely inflating traffic figures on land parcels through the use of camping and bots, the Lindens should:

o make it a TOS offense to inflate traffic figures through artificial means such as camping and bots, and accept abuse reports on that basis

o punish such an offense by removal of that parcel found guilty of traffic inflation from the ability to appear in search with those traffic results."

In the absence of removing traffic entirely, I see this as a good way of punishing people that game traffic to inflate their popularity. I voted for this whole heartedly.

Unexpected vacation  

Posted by Talisien

Well, my internet took a dive, and according to AT&T, it will be from 10 - 14 days before I can get it back on. If you stop by the island, there is a building kinda in the way of the telehub, but you can walk out of it. I have a lot of ideas for the place when I get back, so expect some more construction.