Put on your hard hats  

Posted by Mandy

We are under construction again at this time, please watch out for falling bricks as we are not liable for anything happening to you :p


Posted by Talisien

I recently contacted support to help me solve a graphics problem. I recieved the reply that since I am a basic member, they could not help me. This morning I recieved an email this morning asking my opinion on the service i recieved. Well, let me tell you what I told them.

Just because we are basic members does not mean we don't matter.If you prick us, do we
not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? If you kill us, do we not get sent home?
There is a real person behind every avatar, and we should not be treated like trash because we do not wish to pay for shitty service and the right to pay you for a parcel of land. I am no longer premium, for the fact that unless you are a conceirge member, they will not listen to anything you tell them. I own an island of estate land, and every time I have had a problem, the estate owner has helped me with it. That's more than I can say for LL. It took them almost a month to fix my half region when there was a physics problem. That was the last time I was premium.

I urge all of you who are looking for land, or who are premium because you have to in order to have land to look at estate land, you may pay a bit more than you are to LL, but you usually get estate owners who are willing to help when you have a problem. A very good place to look is Kalyrra Real Estate. I am one of the owners of the island Vampires. They are our estate owners, and are very helpfull.

Update on the Library  

Posted by Talisien

Well, I figure I should let you know about the changes we've made. I finally completed some basic clan information on V:TM. Would have better, but someone *pokes Jael* didn't get me the notecards....

We have a village up now to explore, and I am making more changes daily. Right now there is a christmas theme to the place, and there are even some presents under the tree, which are for you.

As always, your suggestions are welcome.
Stop by sometime.


I'm back, kinda  

Posted by Talisien

Well, I made it back, had to use version 8.7 of the ati drivers, apparently, it's a problem with all ati products. I have lower graphics than normal, so it's kinda laggy, but at least I'm back

Computer problems  

Posted by Talisien

Well, my computer died *grumbles* So, I won't be inworld much. I can use metabolt though, so if you happen to see me, say hi. I will try to get in sl as soon as possible, but it may be a while. I'll keep you updated here.

Hope you have a happy holiday


Posted by Talisien

I've been seeing more people lately that use that system. In the beginning it was a good idea, for a long time the vampire community has lacked something to add to the roleplay other than a combat system.

When Mars first told me about it, a lot of us agreed that it would be a good idea. It started out that blood would be like currency, which in a way, it still is, since you can trade blood casks. There was a way to keep track of your clan, and who you bit through their site, which was also a plus. So, we got the system, granted, it wasn't long before we were way behind in status, since there were only a few of us, but it was fun, for a little while. Then came the needing to bite someone to survive. Ok, but the problem is, once you are bitten, you only have a limited supply of blood.

That's where it all went horribly wrong. Normal people don't have thousands of lindens floating around to spend on a necklace to stop the need for biting. After a few days, there were people using alts, and biting random people just to get ahead in the game.

Today, I have seen people coming into a newbie friendly place, The Shelter, and try to bite people. Some of them were only a couple of days old. Now, what this tells me, is there are people preying on the newbies when they join sl, and having them get this abomination to be a so-called vampire. At the very least, they should be tought to im and ask before biting.

For anyone who wants to remove themselves from Bloodlines and no longer be bitten, there will be a garlic necklace at the library, just wear it once and click it. I urge whoever is reading this, pick one of these up, and if you have a club, or store, or even a place where your friends hang out, please, ban these "Spampires" Unless we start showing them they cannot feed on whoever they want, they will become, nay, already are, a plague.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to say something :P

How to get rid of Facelights  

Posted by Talisien

For those that hate those damn nuclear facelights:

Go to the advanced menu (ctrl alt D on a pc)
Click debug settings
Enter RenderAttachedLights
Set it to false.

That will disable any light sources attached to an avatar from showing.

Happy Holidays  

Posted by Talisien

I was making a Christmas photo for a group of friends when I came across this usefull template for Photoshop. Simply open it with Photoshop, drag another photo and use edit > free transform to resize it to fit in the frame.

The template can be found here: Christmas Template


Posted by Talisien

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. I am the vampire Desmond Gothly. I am currently the High Elder of The Vampyre Nation and I run Liber Obscurum, an inworld vampire library. This blog will be used for updates on that as well as whatever else I feel like writing about.

Liber Obscurum