Posted by Talisien

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the delay between updates. I will be updating more in the future but for now I wanted to let everyone know about a notice I just placed in the Library.
If anyone is familiar with Sanguinarious.org, you will recognize these names. Most of our RL Vampire Information comes from Sangi.

Thought everyone might like to know our very own Sanguinarius is scheduled to be on a paranormal podcast Wednesday night - Feb 17th - from 6pm to 7pm SL time. The network the podcast runs through is here: http://www.asprn.com/studiob.html

If you can't get to the show to listen to it live, then you can always pick it up later from the interviewer's own website at http://www.corvisnocturnum.com/ (click "radio show" in the left-hand frame, and you'll see the list appear in the right.)