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Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the delay between updates. I will be updating more in the future but for now I wanted to let everyone know about a notice I just placed in the Library.
If anyone is familiar with Sanguinarious.org, you will recognize these names. Most of our RL Vampire Information comes from Sangi.

Thought everyone might like to know our very own Sanguinarius is scheduled to be on a paranormal podcast Wednesday night - Feb 17th - from 6pm to 7pm SL time. The network the podcast runs through is here: http://www.asprn.com/studiob.html

If you can't get to the show to listen to it live, then you can always pick it up later from the interviewer's own website at http://www.corvisnocturnum.com/ (click "radio show" in the left-hand frame, and you'll see the list appear in the right.)


Latest Update  

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the new and improved Liber Obscurum, Library of the Occult.

Our home on Athan Selidor has flourished and I have some photos to show you that were kindly taken by Torley.

We currently have information on RL Vampirism, Vampire: The Masquerade, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Roleplay, Vampire Myths & Legends, And information on the CCS Combat system.

We welcome any suggestions or article submissions, just place them in the suggestion coffin inside the Library.

Stop by and visit today. Liber Obscurum, Library of the Occult


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Well, I'm back, and I've got great news.

First, I've got a new location for the library, this time is permanent I hope, unless of course I win the lottery or something...

We've moved into Athan Selidor, which has been graciously provided by Alia Baroque from Fallen Gods. Go down the stairs at the entrance and through the door on the right.

Sometime in the future, I hope to be able to host some kind of chat sessions there. If any of you kind readers out there wish to contribute or have an idea, please let me know.

Also, We will be in next month's edition of slGoth magazine. I placed a kiosk in the library, so stop by and pick up a copy.

Liber Obscurum

Until next time,
Talisien Llewellyn & Desmond Gothly

Moved again  

Posted by Talisien

Due to issues with our last land, we've been forced to move yet again. I apologize for the moves, it's not easy on us either you know :P

Anyway, check out our new location. We've set up a small castle, we have a single bookcase inside with seperate sections for the different topics. I have also added Zilchy's Q&A to the tv inside, stop by and take a look. As always, if you have any ideas or wish to contribute in some way, let one of us know by dropping a notecard in the suggestion box.

Liber Obscurum

P.S. We may have another suprise for you guys in the coming days, things are still being worked out, due to time issues, it's going very slowly, but check back here for updates.

Nautilus City Annual Summer Festival  

Posted by Talisien

We made it into the Nautilus City Annual Summer Festival. We've got a small spot right above Fallen Gods at the slGoth exhibit.

Join slGoth as we celebrate the
Nautilus City Annual Summer Festival

June 13 and 14, 2009 Saturday & Sunday

Gifts from Nautilus City Townfolk
Stamp Rally for Special Prizes
Boat Rides, ParadeConcert & Fireworks
Parties, Dancing & FUN!?

Hangout at our Office Cafe
in Nautilus - Kothar

Click the event kiosk and receive the instuctions for the Stamp Rally and information about the festival schedule of events.

Explore Nautilus - Kothar
Attractions: Man sized chess set, Sprawling Roman style baths, park

Stop by the library and click the sign for a notecard and landmarks.
While you're there, pick up the June issue of slGoth Magazine.

We're Back!!!  

Posted by Talisien

Hey all you avid readers out there, and the ones who are looking for freebies :P I bet you were thinking you would never hear from me again, am I right?

Well, I'm back, and I brought the Library with me. Due to some changes in rl and Linden Lab, all hail the Lab, pricing increase on Homesteads, we have downsized. We have a smaller building, and only a few bookcases, but even more juicy knowledge of the Arcane for you to digest.

We've moved into a small cottage, yes, I know, there is a mop bucket by the fireplace, and the lighting hangs too low, the building is no mod, deal with it :P

There are a few tables outside for you to sit and chat with friends, and enjoy a refreshing drink while you peruse our selection of notecards. Currently we have coffee, and for the Sanguine inclined, we have a Tru-Blood Vending machine.

I've got something special in store for you readers, want to know what it is?

You're still reading, so I assume you do *reaches up and pulls a string, reavealing...* A limited edition box of paintings, they are mod/copy, some of the artwork is courtesy of Alchemy Gothic, under liscense by Desmond Gothly. I've only got 5 of these packages, so only the first 5 people to send me a message inworld and tell me they read this blog get them.

I've taken up enough of your time, and lets face it, I'm starting to babble, so come on down, hang out, and catch up on some reading while you are here, and hey, drop me an im, I'm always happy to talk to any of you, besides, you never know, you could be a lucky winner.

Liber Obscurum, Library of the Occult

Traffic Jira  

Posted by Talisien

[#SVC-3631] Create TOS Offense and Punishment for Traffic Fraud - Second Life Issues

"In order to put an end to the practice of falsely inflating traffic figures on land parcels through the use of camping and bots, the Lindens should:

o make it a TOS offense to inflate traffic figures through artificial means such as camping and bots, and accept abuse reports on that basis

o punish such an offense by removal of that parcel found guilty of traffic inflation from the ability to appear in search with those traffic results."

In the absence of removing traffic entirely, I see this as a good way of punishing people that game traffic to inflate their popularity. I voted for this whole heartedly.