We're Back!!!  

Posted by Talisien

Hey all you avid readers out there, and the ones who are looking for freebies :P I bet you were thinking you would never hear from me again, am I right?

Well, I'm back, and I brought the Library with me. Due to some changes in rl and Linden Lab, all hail the Lab, pricing increase on Homesteads, we have downsized. We have a smaller building, and only a few bookcases, but even more juicy knowledge of the Arcane for you to digest.

We've moved into a small cottage, yes, I know, there is a mop bucket by the fireplace, and the lighting hangs too low, the building is no mod, deal with it :P

There are a few tables outside for you to sit and chat with friends, and enjoy a refreshing drink while you peruse our selection of notecards. Currently we have coffee, and for the Sanguine inclined, we have a Tru-Blood Vending machine.

I've got something special in store for you readers, want to know what it is?

You're still reading, so I assume you do *reaches up and pulls a string, reavealing...* A limited edition box of paintings, they are mod/copy, some of the artwork is courtesy of Alchemy Gothic, under liscense by Desmond Gothly. I've only got 5 of these packages, so only the first 5 people to send me a message inworld and tell me they read this blog get them.

I've taken up enough of your time, and lets face it, I'm starting to babble, so come on down, hang out, and catch up on some reading while you are here, and hey, drop me an im, I'm always happy to talk to any of you, besides, you never know, you could be a lucky winner.

Liber Obscurum, Library of the Occult

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