Nautilus City Annual Summer Festival  

Posted by Talisien

We made it into the Nautilus City Annual Summer Festival. We've got a small spot right above Fallen Gods at the slGoth exhibit.

Join slGoth as we celebrate the
Nautilus City Annual Summer Festival

June 13 and 14, 2009 Saturday & Sunday

Gifts from Nautilus City Townfolk
Stamp Rally for Special Prizes
Boat Rides, ParadeConcert & Fireworks
Parties, Dancing & FUN!?

Hangout at our Office Cafe
in Nautilus - Kothar

Click the event kiosk and receive the instuctions for the Stamp Rally and information about the festival schedule of events.

Explore Nautilus - Kothar
Attractions: Man sized chess set, Sprawling Roman style baths, park

Stop by the library and click the sign for a notecard and landmarks.
While you're there, pick up the June issue of slGoth Magazine.

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